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Ben has Autism and had trouble making friends at school. He had no special friend to play with and spent most of his time alone. iepnc helped my husband and I work with the school to have our son included in a social skills and mentoring group. We also had him paired with a peer buddy. I always felt intimidated by the school because I thought the answer to my requests would be "No".
Marian G.

My son has Tourette Syndrome and a Specific Learning Disability. He also has problems with visual-motor, auditory, and attention processing delays. North County Educational Advocates helped me understand the whole IEP process. I now feel involved and valued as a parent.
Sara K.

Our daughter has Willams Syndrome and needed an IEP in first grade. She needed speech therapy at school, but the school district dragged their heels in providing services for her. After hiring an Advocate we saw more appropriate IEP goals, improved reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and writing abilities.
Kathy L.

My fifth grade son D.J., was diagnosed with depression and had to take medication. His school said there was nothing they could do for him because he wasn't failing any subjects yet. North County Educational Advocates helped us understand what types of accommodations he might be eligible for under Section 504. Together with the school, we wrote a plan to address my son's needs at school.
Leslie C.

Our third grade daughter was having extreme behaviors and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She refused to do homework and was barely doing anything at school. The school denied her a 504 plan because they said her medication was helping her and they didn't see any problems. iepnc helped us meet with the principal and counselor to determine her eligibility. With accommodations in her regular classroom, we saw improvement overall. She's happier at school. Thank you!
Jackie M.

At age 3 my son was diagnosed with Autism.His developmental disability meant that he had trouble communicating and interacting socially at school. After months of fighting with our school district to get the right services in place, we hired North County Educational Advocates. They were responsive, collaborative, and helped us get the services and support our son needed. He is in a general education classroom and has been doing really well.
Amy T.

I was told that the Middle School 504 team had met and decided that my child no longer qualified for accommodations. I contacted iepnc and we met with the school. It turned out that the school was wrong about my child's determination of eligibility. iepnc helped the team understand the 2008 ADA Amendments and our child continued to qualify for accommodations.
Mark. P.

Our son has Autism and he was very lonely at school. He also has an IEP. When we brought North County Educational Advocates on board, the school personnel were more responsive and interested in our child's success. It made a huge difference to have someone in our corner at the meetings.
Josh and Naomi D.

My child was in a fourth grade Special Day Class for 80% of his day. He was a non-reader and suffered from depression and anxiety. North County Educational Advocates help us work with the school to get him daily tutoring in reading. His scores improved and we saw his self esteem improve a lot. Thanks!
Chris T.

My daughter was in 11th grade and was diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety and eating disorder. She was also cutting herself and failing her classes at school. We were worried for her and afraid that she wouldn't graduate the next year. We hired North County Educational Advocates to help us obtain the needed services and therapy for her. The school was aware of her problems, but did nothing to help until we hired an Advocate.
Maxie S.