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  • NSEAI CertificationBoard Certified
    Educational Advocate

  • Fellow of the National Special Education Advocacy Institute

Professional Standards

Advocacy Services

  • communicate respectfully and professionally with all parties
  • prepare parent and student for meetings
  • attend meetings with a clear agenda outlined
  • assist parents and students with understanding the special education process
  • research clients' disabilities and share information with all relevant parties
  • continually advocate for student's independent skill development
  • work toward a meaningful outcome for the student and not a "win"
  • inform parent if the issues are beyond the scope of your ability and refer them to other professionals or organizations

Client and business records

  • maintain, organized, and secure financial and business records for every client
  • return any records to client upon dissolution or completion of services
  • maintain confidentiality of any personally identifiable documents or information
  • receive written consent from your client prior to discussing or sharing information
  • track time worked for each client and invoice accurately

Professional development

  • continually attend relevant conferences and trainings
  • earn a minimum of ten professional development hours annually
  • pursue continuing education college credits
  • join and participate in relevant forums and associations
  • network with other advocates and parents of children with special needs
  • participate in community disability awareness events